• Shlomo Strugano

Trust… in Blockchain technology?

Ernest Hemingway, “ The best way to find out if you can trustsomebody is to trust them”

Online security, identity theft, cyber attacks were once not so common words to use in daily vocabulary. Today is a different scene. Billions of dollars are being used to protect data. For centuries we have had pirates sailing the seas looking to rob other ships. Today, we have hackers that are sailing the waves of the internet looking for easy penetration into the ecosystems of corporations and small business. Society is heading into a sphere where trust cannot be earned anymore. It simply just needs to be secured and protected. Blockchain technology claims to protect data and reinstate trust. IBM is using this technology to change the way we monitor food and shipping. I was listening to a lecture from an IBM executive about what they are doing with blockchain today and how the world is slowly changing to adapt to this technology. An example that was given was that they wanted to trace sliced mangos from a farm in South America to a shelf in a US supermarket to see how long would it take to find out when the mangos went bad. It took the current technology a little over 6 days and with blockchain technology it took 22 seconds. The reason that this is true is because of the way the data is stored. The concept is amazing and I can only hope that the implementation of this tech will make life more secure.





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